Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 11 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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This is the story of eight children living in a dismal, perpetually foggy community on an island just off the north east coast of America. Increasing curiosity leads these 12-year-olds to question what lies "Out There" beyond the fog. Is the world really as dead as their parents insist? Are they truly the last surviving humans on the planet? Or are the children the subject of a dark scientific experiment? When the friends begin to experience frightening physical changes, they realize that their parents are keeping secrets. And when a stranger arrives on the island, it seems clear that the world beyond the fog can't be as dead as they've been led to believe. Convinced of a conspiracy, the children resolve to find out the truth once and for all... and discover a secret far greater than they could have imagined.
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Scotland Yard's First Cases
When Scotland Yard's first detective branch was set up in 1842, detectives had few aids and suffered many disadvantages - they had no transport, and fingerprinting was 50 years away. Despite this they achieved significant successes. This book explores classic cases such as the First Railway Murder as well as many fascinating reports.
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