Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December 21 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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Gangs, poverty, corruption – 17-year-old Shirley Read, growing up in Bradford in the ‘50s, knows all about the Canterbury Estate and the notorious Hudsons who rule it. But when she falls for one of the Hudson lads, nothing and no one – including her own father – is going to stand in her way. Whisked away into a world of newspaper tablecloths and jam-jar cups, Shirley gradually comes to see one big happy family that gets by on almost nothing, surviving only on loyalty, laughter and love – things she’s never known before. But when tragedy rocks the estate in one of the greatest scandals of the era, will these be enough to see the family through? It wasn’t just the Hudson boys who have a story to tell: from matriarch Annie, who gave birth to 13 children, to daughters Margaret and Eunice, who married up and out, each had a personality as indomitable as the last. 
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Autumn 1939 and London prepares to evacuate its young. In No 5 Jubilee Street, Bermondsey, ten-year-old Connie is determined to show her parents that she’s a brave girl and can look after her twin brother, Jessie. She won’t cry, not while anyone’s watching. In the crisp Yorkshire Dales, Connie and Jessie are billeted to a rambling vicarage. Kindly but chaotic, Reverend Braithwaite is determined to keep his London charges on the straight and narrow, but the twins soon find adventures of their own. As autumn turns to winter, Connie’s dearest wish is that war will end and they will be home for Christmas. But this Christmas Eve there will be an unexpected arrival…
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