Friday, October 27, 2017

October 27 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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Follow the colourful characters in the Secret Agent's office through a poignant year of missed targets and missed opportunity and learn how the industry works from the inside. Discover what property people feel about the public and how best to make your own home changing experience a positive one. Find out how auctions work, how to avoid gazumping and gazundering and meet suspect surveyors, amorous owners and duplicitous buyers along the way. Includes the agent's guide to buying and selling plus countless tips and advice, together with useful websites to help you win at the moving game. You may never look at the men and women in suits and sign-written cars the same way again. But love them or hate them you can't do without them - or this hilarious insight into the murky world of property.
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After having found and successfully rescued his ex-wife from the diseased Summit City Rhys drags himself to where he should be meeting his son and discovers he isn’t there. Armed with nothing but hope Rhys and his ex-wife set off on what they believe to be their boy’s trail. With just enough breadcrumbs to keep them going they follow the path of their son and his protector in a race against both the spread of The Alpha Plague, and a crazed psychopath hell bent on their destruction. 
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