Monday, April 24, 2017

April 25 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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Reading this book you will find that going gluten-free is not as difficult as you might have once thought. Not only are there plenty of gluten-free food options available, but there are also plenty of gluten-free ingredients to choose from that make it easy for you to continue to enjoy your favorite treats. You might not be able to pick up a box of cookies at your local bakery, but you can make some delicious gluten-free treats right in your own home. 
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Good girls behave themselves. Good girls work hard. Good girls always do the right thing. Emily Keating is not a good girl by these standards, but she’s trying. She wants to help her friends – even if it means skipping school or kissing them when she probably shouldn’t. She wants to be a good friend to everyone – even Hugh, her ex, who she still has unresolved issues with. Even Lucy, her former crush, who’s toyed with Emily’s heart more than once. Even Barry, her dearest friend, who everyone insists she has chemistry with. But at what point do you need to stop sorting everyone else’s life out and find your own happy ending – even if that means hurting someone you care about?
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