Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 25 UK Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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Drawn to You 
On the night she discovers her ex’s engagement, Rachel meets Landon, the most attractive man she has ever seen, who, for some reason, mistakes her for a hooker. However, he’s so sexy. And it’s just one night… What harm can there be in giving in to the desire to lose herself in his touch? She’s never going to see him again, even though he has given her the most intensely pleasurable night of her life.
Kindle Price: £0.00
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A year after suffering horrific injuries, ex-soldier Sam Grant is trying to come to terms with his new life in the Philippines when tragedy strikes. The death of his girlfriend’s brother takes him to the southern islands where he becomes a target for local terrorists, and the one man he can turn to is the last person he should trust. Old friends are called in to help but the rescue mission soon becomes their own battle for survival. Before buying this book, please note that Gray Resurrection is the second in the Tom Gray series of action thrillers and follows on from the highly-rated Gray Justice. If you haven’t read Gray Justice, please get a copy before purchasing this sequel as it will maximise the reading experience. If you decide to dive straight into the sequel, don’t say you weren’t warned!
Kindle Price: £1.00
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Arwres Jones isn’t having a good day. Waking up in a fugue, she can’t quite believe that she’s let her life get so, well, boring. Seemingly incapable of escaping her stupid, dead end job she begins exploring strange new worlds through narcotic induced dreams. When she has a dramatic epileptic fit, the boundaries between her dream worlds and reality begin to falter. 
Kindle Price: £2.50
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As it was with so many young men, for Bernard Adams in 1914 it was like he was going off on some great adventure. Nothing could have prepared him for the reality he ended up facing. Placing his focus on the day to day existence of the soldiers in the trenches, Adams presents a grim picture of mud-coated billets, relentless artillery barrages, working parties, training and the art of military sniping. Just as it would have been for the soldiers’ lives, Adams heightens his work with an emotive account of his first night patrol, the detonation of mines, battlefield duels and being wounded whilst out wiring in No Man’s Land. 
Kindle Price: £0.99
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This is a wonderful, natural way for children to improve their reading. They are able to practice their reading skills whilst enjoying themselves. Joke books for kids have the added benefit of improving memories, and importantly, instilling confidence. Children are given a great reason to talk in front of groups and with practice are able to feel comfortable doing it. Joke books for kids on kindle are also a fun way for a family to interact, laughing - or moaning - at the jokes. 
Kindle Price: £1.28
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They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . Wrong. Louisa’s new best friend has it all – the house, the status, the money – but she’s also hiding a dark secret. And, as Louisa is drawn deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn . . 
Kindle Price: £1.99
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