Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 30 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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Full Circle
Bella Thompson has news: she’s pregnant. But before she can tell her boyfriend Jeffrey, he shatters her with the news that he’s going to marry someone else. The textile mill, owned by Jeffrey’s father, is the town’s main employer, but textile mills all over the country are losing market share and Lambert Textiles is no exception. Bella is given a choice: Go to Atlanta and give up her child for adoption or leave town and raise her child on her own. The choice is clear, and she travels to California where she settles in Santa Monica.
Kindle Price: £0.00
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Jack Stratton’s back is up against the wall. He’s broke, kicked off the force, and the bounty hunting business has slowed to a trickle. With no money coming in, Jack’s license to carry suspended, and no good job prospects on the horizon, Jack’s got it tough. He thinks things are turning around when Replacement gets a lucrative job setting up a home data network. That is, until he discovers it’s for a handsome, jet-setting software tycoon. The “boy billionaire” as Jack begrudgingly refers to him, takes a liking to computer-savvy Alice. Jealous, Jack thinks life can’t get any worse, but when the computer program the CEO invented becomes the key tool in an international data heist, things turn deadly. In this digital age of hackers, spyware, and cyber terrorism—data is more valuable than gold. The thieves plan to steal the keys to the digital kingdom and with this much money at stake, they’ll kill for it. Can Jack and Replacement stop the pack of ruthless criminals before they can Data Jack?
Kindle Price: £0.99
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All who dwell in Avalon possess the powers of the Old Ones. But only some are keepers of the Light. One among them has dared to call upon the Deep Magic, conjuring up a dark storm that bodes ill for the people of Britannia... The vision came upon him suddenly: a delicate Roman beauty materializing out of the swirling whiteness of the snow. Her appearance near his ruined Celtic village makes no sense, but when the trance leaves him, she remains, demanding that he use his Sight to help her find a stolen grail. The last thing Owein intends is to use his gifts for his enemy, yet something tells him this innocent lass has the power to heal his wounded heart.
Kindle Price: £3.49
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In this book, you’ll learn how the Vitamix Blender works – and how it can transform your life. You’ll discover plenty of simple, easy-to-follow Vitamix recipes in this fascinating and life-changing book. With a little creativity, will-power, and a trip through your local produce market, you can make a huge difference in your health! Vitamix Cookbook explains how you can develop a healthy lifestyle by cutting out alcohol and tobacco, getting more physical activity, improving your posture – and getting the most out of your Vitamix Blender. With the right diet and lifestyle, you can avoid the Big Four: cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes.
Kindle Price: £0.99
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Volatile mathematical genius Mallory Park is living two lives. In one, she is balancing senior year with looking after her little brother and troubled ex-Marine father; in the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world’s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six. As part of a corruption-exposing cyber network called the Forum, Mallory is far more at ease among the codes and hidden identities of her online world than she has ever been in the real one, but when other hackers start to go missing, she finds herself caught up in a web of secrets that could have repercussions far beyond both.
Kindle Price: £1.99
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