Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 30 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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Eugenia Burnett wants grandchildren. This cunning widow is determined to find wives for her brood of handsome sons. Rose Severin speaks to the dead or at least she pretends to until she can earn enough money to make her way to New York and become a famous actress like her mother. Travis Burnett is resolved to rid the frontier town of imposters like Rose. But Eugenia thinks the fiery Rose is just the woman for her obstinate son. She schemes to keep Rose at the family ranch where Travis soon realizes that the supposed spiritualist is more than just a pretty swindler.
Kindle Price: £0.00
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Under an English Heaven
When Ellie Kent moves to an English village with her new husband Graham, she fears the villagers will always see her as that young American who snared their attractive vicar during his sabbatical in California. But this challenge is nothing compared to what happens when she stumbles across a body in the churchyard. The villagers insist they don't know the murdered man, so suspicion mounts that the killer must be the incomer - the vicar's new wife. As evidence piles up against her, Ellie tries to stay one step ahead of the police to unravel a decades-old literary mystery and love story. Will others die before she can solve it? And what will be left of her new life and marriage, even if she succeeds?
Kindle Price: £2.84
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Infinite Regress
The new Grandmaster of Whitehall doesn't want Emily in his school. She's dangerous, he thinks. The only way he'll allow her to return to Whitehall is if she chooses to be a probationary student, a student who can be expelled at the slightest excuse, a student who has to work for one of the professors. Reluctantly, unwilling to leave her first true home, Emily accepts. 
Kindle Price: £3.44
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Kidnapped...True and Chilling Stories of People Who Were Taken Against Their Will
Kidnappings are far more common than we might imagine. Rather than simply being something that we see in film and television, every year there are real people who are abducted, taken from their homes, and not allowed to return. Sometimes the motivations are financial, sometimes they are sexual. Every time, they are criminal. While every kidnapping does not have the classic ransom note featuring letters cut out of the newspaper, they all share the ability to scare, intimidate, attack, and damage those at the centre of the abduction. In this book, we will be looking through some of the strangest, most violent, and most notorious cases of kidnapping. 
Kindle Price: £1.99
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A Glass Full of Rumors
The book involves the important lessons surrounding the consequences of rumors and gossip. We meet our main characters, Michael and Mya, good friends from different backgrounds. Mya is a little girl wise beyond her years. Sadly, Michael experiences being the subject of a rumor at school, which hurts, while also dealing with his friend Mya moving away. Not knowing better Micheal too gets caught up in talking behind his schoolmates. On a special visit to see his friend, Michael learns from Mya some valuable lessons. The consequences of misinformation and how it is important to seek truth and speak from a positive place in our hearts.
Kindle Price: £0.99
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