Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 21 UK Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

All Prices mentioned below are supposed to be valid till 11:59 UK Time December 21st but Please double check the price before you download the book. Prices for eBooks changes every day (Sometimes, several times a day!)

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McCarthys of Gansett Island Boxed Set Books 1-3
With more than 1 million ebooks sold since Maid for Love debuted in 2011, the New York Times bestselling McCarthys of Gansett Island Series has become one of the most beloved romance series available today. Read the first three books in the series: Maid for Love, Fool for Love and Ready for Love in this special offering. 
Kindle Price: £0.00
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Top divorce lawyer, Laura Maxwell, appears to have it all – perfect career, perfect husband, perfect life. But how well do you really know the people around you? All it takes is one tiny crack to shatter the whole fa├žade. A series of accidents leads Laura to believe that someone out there is deliberately trying to harm her. The fear starts to pervade every part of her life, affecting her work and her marriage. Increasingly, she feels that no one believes her story, and she must face down her attacker alone. One woman, fighting to survive in a nightmare world.
Kindle Price: £1.99
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Bitterwood: The Complete Collection (Bitterwood Trilogy Book 5) 
An epic tale of war between dragons and mankind! When the mysterious dragon slayer Bitterwood murders the son of the Dragon-King, the dragons respond with a campaign of genocide against their human slaves. Amid the chaos of war, a band of rebel humans risk everything to fight for freedom, and an end to the Dragon Age. This gathers together all four novels of the Bitterwood series, plus the prequel short story “Tornado of Sparks.” 
Kindle Price: £0.99
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The Way of the Runner: A journey into the fabled world of Japanese running
Adharanand Finn - award-winning author of Running with the Kenyans - moved to Japan to discover more about this unique running culture and what it might teach us about the sport and about Japan. As an amateur runner about to turn forty, he also hoped find out whether the Japanese approach to training might help him keep improving. What he learned - about competition, about team work, about beating your personal bests, about form and about himself - will fascinate anyone who is keen to explore why we run, and how we might do it better.
Kindle Price: £2.84
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Many children experience the loneliness created by military separation. The little girl in this story is such a child. She describes her struggle with sadness when her mother is deployed. But, her wise and thoughtful mother uses a string of pearls to tell her daughter how proud she is of her and how she can feel good even when her mother is away. 
Kindle Price: £2.64
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What do you do when Karma is AWOL? You step in, do her job for her and wait for a round of applause. 
Kindle Price: £0.00
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